January - April 2011


Global Foundation for Democracy and Development


Dominican Get-Togethers in the Big Apple
Despite the torrential rain, the premiere of “Dominican Get-Togethers in the Big Apple” was a smashing success. People, young and old, from all over the city, including New Jersey, streamed into the School of Visual Arts where they rubbed shoulders with several of professional baseball´s most legendary players.
New York, 4/16/2011

UN Model in NY - NYDRMUN 2011
This 5-day event that developed at Hunter College, provided an invaluable platform for students to engage in discussions about the principal challenges that presently confront…
New York, 4/19/2011

Panel at United Nations Headquarters Makes the Case for Integration of Mental Health Servicing within Public Health Paradigms
April 11, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of the Domincan Republic to the United Nations, the Columbia University School of Social Work and the International Association of Schools of Social Work, organized the panel discussion “Mainstreaming Mental Health within Public Health Paradigms: A Global Look at Advances and Challenges” at United Nations Headquarters in New York City. 4/11/2011

RAND Corporation
Th e interest and expectation that any information regarding Haiti raises in the Dominican Republic has been increasing progressively, mostly after the devastating earthquake that aff ected the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere in January 2010.
Santo Domingo, 4/07/2011

Panel: “The potential and limitations of gold mining -- a subject for analysis.”
Experts on mining-related topics of impact, mining best practices and public policies, as well as the chief executive of Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation, participated in the panel “Global perspectives on gold mining…
Santo Domingo, 3/24/2011

Successful Closing of the Sixth Edition of Virtual Educa Caribe.
On Friday, the 11 of March, Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) held the closing ceremony of the sixth edition of Virtual Educa Caribe (VEC) 2011, the most important Caribbean annual regional event in education and technology.
Santo Domingo, 3/11/2011

executive director welcome

We warmly welcome you to our first-ever GFDD Newsletter. Thsis quarterly Newsletter will be a great place to learn about our operations and get details about our wide array of projects and activities -- industry-leading environmental programs, our new and exciting Global Roundtables, and the many other networking events and educational opportunities just waiting for you here.  ere is no doubt that online communications is our most important platform and so we are excited to have this opportunity to reach out to supporters and involve them in the past, present and future of the Organization.

new initiatives

Global Roundtable
GFDD Global Roundtables is a new initiative providing a valuable forum for discussion, analysis, and exchange of ideas from distinguished members of the international community in an eff ort to spread the news, knowledge and understanding of other...

Dominican Get-togethers in NYC
As a part of its mission to promote the understanding and appreciation of the Dominican culture, values and heritage, and to create opportunities for discussions of contemporary issues relevant to the...


GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellows Program Makes New Strides
The GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellows Program was developed in 2009 to respond to the Foundations’ desires to develop a community of scholars that contributes to their…

upcoming events

Virual Educa Mexico 2011
Mexico City, Mexico 6/20-24/2011
The 11th meeting of Virtual Educa, and attended by GFDD/FUNGLODE will be taking place on June 20-24 in Mexico City. Virtual Educa is a project affi liated to the Ibero-american Summit of Heads of State and Government. Virtual Educa organizes an annual “International meeting for innovation in Education and Training”.

This event gathers scholars, experts, representatives of corporations and civil society among others, from America and Europe. This year edition has the slogan “educational innovation for a development without frontiers” which represents the rationale behind the meeting.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 6/27/2011-7/1/2011
Workshop on National Public Policies to Reduce Drug Demand and Abuse. Weeklong workshop-discussions exploring other countries experiences in the design of multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial public policies, in coordination with the OAS’ Inter American Commission on Drugs (CICAD) and the Dominican National Council Against Drugs.

Dominican Film Week at the OAS
Washington, DC. 7/11-15/2011
Film from and about the Dominican Republic with their actors, directors, producers.

FUNGLODE and GFDD, in association with UNESCO, will organize High-Level Conference “The Presence of Africa in the Caribbean, the Antilles and the United States”
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 7/18-20/2011
Three day academic conference will convene prominent historians and social scientists from the United States, Latin America and Africa.

Environmental Journalism Program
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 7/18-20/2011
GFDD/FUNGLODE is being instrumental in the creation of a graduate program (diplomatura) by Santo Domingo’s Technical Institute, INTEC on Environmental Journalism. Th e initiative is being developed by INTEC in collaboration with the Dominican Ministry of the Environment and the IGLOBAL. Th e syllabus will include the most prominent experts in the Latin American Region, and are being identifi ed in collaboration with our partners in environmental issues, the Sustainable Development Department of the OAS.Th e preparation of the program is underway with the hope to start later in June.