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New York Welcomes a New Edition of the Dominican Film Showcase with Action

November 7, 2016

The Dominican Film Showcase, an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD), returned to New York City last night, and it did so with the action film Código Paz, by filmmaker Pedro Urrutia. One of the stars, Héctor Aníbal, traveled from the Dominican Republic to share the evening with the public and the staff of GFDD at the Symphony Space on Broadway in New York.

The evening began with welcoming remarks offered by Yamile Eusebio, the Director of the GFDD office in New York. “Thank you for joining us at this special edition of the Dominican Film Showcase. Our goal and commitment is to offer the best Dominican film productions at each edition of the festival. This film, Código Paz, is an illustration of the growth that the film industry in the Dominican Republic has experienced.”

After a presentation of GFDD’s institutional video, Eusebio introduced the special guest, a Dominican versatile artist who has been cast in more than 10 films in the Dominican Republic. His starring role in Código Paz earned him a nomination to the Casandra awards.

Héctor Aníbal introduced the film, commenting to the public that the debut film of its director, Pedro Urrutia, has won important awards at the national level, both at the Casandra awards as well as at the La Silla awards, in addition to representing the Dominican Republic at the Spanish Goya awards in 2014.

The dialogue with the audience took place after the screening of the film. The thrilled audience asked Héctor Aníbal questions regarding his participation in the film, about the new projects he will start within the week, and on the subject of the industry’s growth in the country. Among other things, the actor highlighted that this is the first action film that has been made under the new film law.


At the end of the evening, three GFDD publications were raffled. The winners were:
Moira Francisco: New Perspectives: Dominican Republic
Sandy Ramos: Dominican Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Environment
Jasmin Jáquez: Lo dominicano / All Things Dominican

About the film
Código Paz tells the story of Pedro Ruiz, a Dominican who works as a real estate agent by day and as an unlucky master thief by night. Desperate to win respect by climbing financially the easiest way, one day he finds himself in the wrong mansion at the wrong time.

About the Dominican Film Showcase
Aiming to facilitate the enrichment of the film culture of the Dominican Republic and bring its unique brand of cinema to a wider audience, GFDD is committed to showcase a sample of the best films produced recently in the Dominican Republic, by Dominican filmmakers, about Dominican topics. The Dominican Film Showcase presents, shares, and celebrates the stories, characters and history of the Dominican Republic with an international audience.

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