May - June 2014

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Geo Ripley on Dominican cultural richness
(video in Spanish - English subtitles coming soon!).

Third award and counting! GFDD Short Film Wins at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival

Garbage or Resource - A Dominican Republic Experience” won the 2nd Place Fan Coral Award in the Documentary Short category at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival last Sunday, June 8th in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The 17-minute short film, which has had a successful run since its premiere at the III Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) last September, has also entered into different film festivals around the world. This is the second award the short film has won, after receiving the Best Documentary film award at the Green Lens Environmental Film Festival this past February.

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Globo Verde Dominicano Award accepting entries until July 25, 2014!

Globo Verde Dominicano, GFDD’s audiovisual contest in environment and sustainable development issues, this year introducing a new category for Photography, will be accepting entries until July 25, 2014. The third edition of the Globo Verde Dominicano Award’s selected theme for 2014 is “Huertos Familiares” (Family Farming), in support of International Year of Family Farming, declared by the United Nations General Assembly. A jury comprised of national and international professionals will evaluate participants, and winners will be announced at the IV Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF), September 10-14, 2014.

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July 14

4th GFDD Golf Tournament

Already a GFDD tradition, this golf tournament will feature the participation of more than 100 golf players and the special attendance of former President of the Dominican Republic and President of GFDD, Dr. Leonel Fernández. Guests will enjoy a special day full of surprises in a relaxing environment.

Where: The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami, FL.
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August 28-29

65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference

UN DPI/NGO Relations proactively reaches out to representatives of approximately 1,300 members of civil society who seek information about the UN and look for opportunities to support the Organization at the international, regional, national and community levels. The Cluster is a service-oriented office assisting the NGO community.

Where: UN Headquarters, New York, NY
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September 10-14

IV Annual DR Environmental Film Festival (DREFF)

Since 2011, the DREFF - “Working together towards a green society”, has brought together a diverse selection of high quality films that deal with pressing environmental issues, with the goal of raising awareness and deepening the understanding of environmental issues among Dominican audiences. DREFF has served as a catalyst for projects and programs that promote responsible environmental practices as the result of interaction between young people, the general public, teachers, experts, activists, filmmakers and leaders in the public & private sector.

Where: Dominican Republic (several venues across the country).
More info: @MuestraCine


GFDD edited the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Environment: the most complete and up-to-date information on the environment and natural resources of theDominican Republic, presenting projects undertaken by public, private and non-governmental sectors on behalf of the environment, as well as existing legislation on its protection, and its impact on the nation's sustainable development. You can know more about it here, and buy the hardcover Spanish version of it online here.



GFDD attended the 44th OAS General Assembly in Paraguay. In our capacity as civil society member, we participated as registered observers to the Organization of American States (OAS)’ 44th General Assembly, held in Asunción earlier this June. Member countries, under the "Declaration of Asunción: Development with social inclusion”, pledged to undertake "the necessary efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty, especially extreme poverty; combat inequity, inequality, discrimination and social exclusion; and increase equitable access to health services as well as to quality and inclusive education" in the Americas. The next General Assembly of the OAS was announced for June 7 to 9, 2015, selecting Haiti as its host country.


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