Dominican Get-Together in the Big Apple, in Collaboration with Dominican Week in the United States, Presents Discussion Forum with Director of Listín Diario, Miguel Franjul

October 5, 2012

During his presentation, delivered before an audience of Dominican journalist of the New York Metropolitan area, Franjul encouraged professionals in the field to create a wide spectrum media platform in English that responds to the information needs of the community, recommending journalists to feature positive news about the Dominican Republic that highlights the contributions that the Dominican diaspora has made and continues to make to American society in all

The senior journalist proposed the adoption of an English-language digital media model created by Dominicans in the United States, which includes a platform in the Dominican Republic for the diaspora community, to broadcast relevant news stories about the Dominican Republic and the Dominican community in the United States to the English-speaking population in the United States.

The creation of this channel would respond to the existing lack of print journalism in the United States, given the prominence of new technologies. Mr. Miguel Franjul put forth the idea as a corporate project, whose consignees would be both Dominicans and other US
populations – reinforcing the close links that exist among both countries.

He expressed that the media proposal should be scrupulous, yet at the same time positive, arguing that speculation and distortion of information do not favor the attraction of tourists and investors. “We need truthful and positive information, as it seems as everything is focused on the negative,” declared Franjul.

According to Franjul, a media outlet with
these characteristics would be a guaranteed success. “Both here and there we have the potential to disseminate positive news and assure that it arrives to communities in the United States – improving relations among both societies.”

Mr. Miguel Franjul’s presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session which included interesting reflection on subjects ranging from ethics and journalism; lack of representation of Dominican
media affiliates in the United States; the professional associations in the New York area; loss of identity sometimes experienced by second and third generation Dominicans, due to the absence of Dominican social and cultural institutions and organizations; among other topics.

The event shed light on the need for the creation of spaces for discussion, reflection and celebration of topics related to Dominican culture and values. Global Foundation for Democracy and
Development (GFDD) responds to this need through the realization of programs such as Dominican Get-Togethers, an initiative celebrated in the New York metropolitan area and throughout other cities in the United States, the Dominican Film Showcase and its
various publications about the Dominican Republic.

On behalf of Dominican Week in the United States, President of the Committee, Roberto Herrera, thanked GFDD and Mr. Miguel Franjul for making the event possible. He described the initiative as being very positive and a great vehicle of discussion by which to generate year-round activities. Herrera stressed that Dominican Week should not be limited to just a few days in October, but should extend throughout the

Over the last 20 years, Dominican Week in the United States has worked to promote success in the realms of the arts, academia, business and politics. During the last two years, the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) has played an instrumental role in its realization.