Dominican Interns in DC Warmly Received at Dominican Embassy

August 4, 2009

Dominican interns sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education joined interns sponsored by GFDD and FUNGLODE in a full-day visit to the Dominican Embassy in Washington, DC.  They were welcomed by Dominican Ambassador to the United States, Roberto Saladin, Dominican Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, Ambassador Virgilio Alcántara, Deputy Chief of Mission,
Wellington Bencosme and Mayor General Andrés Apolinar, Consul General Angel Garrido and the rest of the Embassy’s staff.

During the visit, the eight young professionals, interning at the OAS since the beginning of June, heard of the roles and responsibilities both embassies have and  were able to fully participate in candid discussions pertaining to key bilateral issues that the Dominican mission  engages in within the United States
and the rest of the Hemisphere.

The high-level event was a golden opportunity for the interns to exchange views and opinions with their country’s leaders, and helped to round-off what were very dynamic and productive internships.

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