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Everybody Loves Salsa!

May 11, 2016

Before a packed auditorium, the Dominican documentary Yo Soy la Salsawas screened at the Ibero-American Film Showcase in Washington, DC. This event was organized by the Ibero-American Cultural Attaches Network in the nation’s capital, with the purpose of promoting the culture and heritage of the region.

GFDD, in collaboration with the Dominican Embassy in Washington, D.C., presented the film on Tuesday, May 10 in the cinema of the Embassy of Colombia in the United States. More than 70 people enjoyed, laughed and danced to the rhythm of salsa, while learning about the life of Johnny Pacheco, prominent Dominican artist and music producer, who is credited for having encouraged this genre around the world from New York.

Andrés Van der Horst Alvarez, producer and creator of Yo Soy la Salsa, sent a message from Santo Domingo to thank the audience for warmly welcoming the documentary and Dominican talent. He also announced for the first time that this film will be available on Netflix for the United States and the Americas at the end of the month of May, becoming the first Dominican film on the well-known streaming platform.

This initiative is part of the Dominican Film Showcase program that GFDD hosts to promote the best of Dominican cinema around the world.

About Dominican Film Showcase
The Dominican Film Showcase contributes to the dissemination of the best contemporary films produced in the Dominican Republic, by Dominican filmmakers, about Dominican topics. In its mission to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Dominican culture as well as to inspire the enrichment of the film culture of the Dominican Republic and bring its unique brand of cinema to a wider audience, GFDD partners with institutions worldwide and creates opportunities for wide audiences to enjoy art, learn about Dominican culture, and engage in conversations with filmmakers.