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Washingtonians Savor Special Presentation of the Dominican Docu-drama The Mountain.

March 2, 2014

Washingtonians savored each exciting moment of the screening of the Dominican docu-drama “The Mountain” which was showcased by GFDD and FUNGLODE during the Ibero-American Film Fest at the Mexican Cultural Institute in D.C.,on February 28.

The movie expertly depicts two parallel expeditions:  The historic climb of 3 Dominicans to the world’s highest summit –  Mt. Everest;  and how this impressive feat was the inspiration of three young boys, (sons of fishermen from the small southern Dominican town of Nizao), to set out to conquer the highest peak of the Caribbean Antilles– Pico Duarte. This dramatic doumentary unites the Mountaineers story with that of the boys, who learn the importance of personal strength, teamwork, and comradeship, in overcoming obstacles and achieving present and future goals.

Some 80 spectators were in good spirits watching the film, which was introduced by  Ligia Reid, a charismatic senior diplomat representing the Dominican Republic Embassy accredited to the White House. Ms. Reid noted that, “This special presentation is important on many levels, including the fact that  Dominican communities in the US are growing at a rapid rate, and their contributions and experiences can no longer remain hidden.”

GFDD’s Projects and ICT Director, Semiramis de Miranda also gave remarks to the audience, and  said the presentation of the film — part of its Dominican Film Showcase Program– furthers the Foundations’ work in celebrating the stories, history and talent of the Dominican Republic with international audiences, by highlighting a sample of the best films produced in the DR.
Ms. de Miranda gave a lively account to the audience of how GFDD was inspired to create its own educational expedition to  Pico Duarte in 2012.

“After we learned of the historic achievement of the Dominicans who  hoisted the country’s flag at Everest in 2011, we tried to encourage others to aspire to similar feats of endurance”,  said the GFDD Director. “That was when the initiative was born to send expeditions of students to Pico Duarte. Today we are in our 9th expedition to Pico Duarte which involved 550 students, 18 schools and 45 teachers. The idea has been to expose young Dominicans to the protection of the environment, and learn about the value of discipline as well as personal and  team effort. Their lives have changed and ours as well.”

The film, Directed by by Tabaré Blanchard, was  made possible in collaboration with the Dominican Embassy to the White House, and  the Mexican Cultural Institute as part of the 2014 edition of the Ibero-American Film Showcase being held at various Embassies in the Washington, DC area.


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