Doves for the International Day of Peace: ReCrearte and La Salle

September 15, 2017

After a two-month break since its last visit, GFDD’s ReCrearte program stopped by the Juan Bautista de la Salle School to collaborate and join in its advance celebration of the International Day of Peace. In keeping with the day’s theme, program coordinator Lucía Marte led a conversation with a group of students and their teacher about the importance of the Earth and its natural resources. Afterwards, they put their words to action and created a tree and
doves, international symbols of peace, from recycled paper.

More and more, recycling is taking hold on a local level in the Dominican Republic, and the ReCrearte program is doing its part to foster good habits and a different way of thinking about the materials which some consider to be waste. Overall, the students appreciated the change in perspective. To name a pair who expressed their feelings about what they had learned, Jeison Familia stated that he wishes for future
generations to be able to enjoy a cooler and healthier environment while Anderson Agame wished for there to be less future fear over natural disasters.

About ReCrearte:
The ReCrearte program works with the most disadvantaged communities, who receive training in the art of recycling and creating new objects from waste and simultaneously learn to develop an alternative source of income. The program revolves around the “three golden
rules” (or 3Rs) for the proper management of solid waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The workshops demonstrate and emphasize the idea that recycling waste and transforming it into art and objects for daily use strengthens individuals and communities alike.

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