Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival


The Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) aims to raise awareness and deepen the understanding of environmental issues among Dominican audiences, celebrating the beauty and diversity of the Dominican Republic’s natural heritage. The festival, first held in 2011, hosts each September a wide selection of high quality films that deal with pressing issues of the environment and climate change, including several panel discussions with environmental experts, filmmakers and stakeholders.

By celebrating the DREFF, GFDD offers insights into attitudes and actions that will contribute to the protection and conservation of natural resources, and promotes awareness on the importance of sustainable development in the Dominican Republic and abroad.

To complement the DREFF program each year, GFDD also implements interesting initiatives to promote sustainable development and environmental awareness, including: Eco-HuertosGlobo Verde DominicanoReCrearteYear Round Environmental Film ScreeningsRDescubre, among others.

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