DREFF and Cinemateca Dominicana Announce Special Program in March

March 6, 2017

The Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) and the Cinemateca Dominicana (part of the Dominican Republic Film Commission) will be hosting a joint program to promote environmental films in Santo Domingo.

The special programming, within the framework of DREFF’s Year Round Environmental Film Screening Program, will take place from March 16 to 22, in tribute to the World Water Day celebrated on the last day of screenings. The movies that will
be screened were chosen among those presented in past editions of DREFF.

“With this initiative, we aim to foster and inspire dialogue, raise awareness and promote sustainable practices”, commented Maria Victoria Abreu, DREFF programming director, while referring to the films on critical environmental and sustainable development issues chosen for this event. “This cycle of Film and Environment denotes the strengthening of the alliance between DREFF and the Dominican
Republic Film Commission, through the Cinemateca”, she added.

This joint event is the first one of several cycles thought to promote environmental cinema.


  • Thursday, March 16. 7:30pm – Racing Extinction.
  • Friday, March 17. 7:30pm. La Casa Ausente.
  • Saturday, March 18. 5:30pm. ¿Basura o Recurso? Experiencia de la República Dominicana,
    and then Plastic Paradise.
  • Saturday, March 18. 7:30pm. Stink!
  • Sunday, March 19. 5:30pm. Dark Side of the Chew.
  • Sunday, March 19. 7:30pm. Planetary.
  • Tuesday, March 21. 6:30pm. Exuma.
  • Wednesday, March 22. 6:30pm. Sonic Sea.

When: March 16-22, 2017
Where: Cinemateca Dominicana. Plaza de la Cultura, Santo
More info: Cinemateca Dominicana / www.dreff.org