Eleventh Edition of GFDD Global Roundtable with Oceanographer Fabien Cousteau

June 5, 2012

Seventy-three percent of our Planet is comprised of marine ecosystems, and it is an undeniable fact that human health and well-being is intrinsically linked to the health of the world’s oceans. Yet we continue to exploit our marine resources in ways that are not sustainable.

To shed light on how the international community can take actions to improve environmental stewardship and renew our marine species, GFDD’s broadcast program,
The GFDD Global Roundtable,” will present a timely discussion with Fabien Cousteau, Oceanographer and Founder and Executive Director of the innovative global initiative, Plant A Fish, on June 18, 2012.

Mr. Cousteau will speak about the work of his innovative organization, and where the world stands in terms of achieving Millennium Development Goal #7: Environmental sustainability.

Plant A Fish (PAF) is a non-profit institution dedicated to “replanting” aquatic species of animals and plants in environmentally stressed areas around the world. Plant a Fish partners with local communities, schools, businesses, government agencies and other non-profits to foster actions that positively impact the natural world.

PAF’s ultimate goal is to plant, in collaboration with its partners, one billion
“fish.” PAF coordinates environmental restoration initiatives in four critical areas: reestablishment of healthy oyster populations, revitalization of endangered sea turtle species, reforestation of mangrove forests, and cultivation of corals, in critical areas around the world.

About Fabien Cousteau
Plant A Fish is the brainchild of Founder and Executive Director, Fabien Cousteau. Growing up with his
grandfather, revered oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau, Fabien developed a passion for the ocean environment at a young age. Diving since age four, he grasped the vital importance of the Earth’s underwater ecosystems. In addition to his vast field experience, Fabien also has a degree in Environmental Economics from Boston University.

Fabien’s approach to environmental stewardship reflects his firm belief that solutions to environmental challenges can
respond to the realities of the market economy.

The environmental economist and oceanographer is also the Co-Founder of Natural Entertainment, which produces environmental exploration and awareness programs through television and other media.

In 2006, he partnered with his father, Jean Michel Cousteau, and his sister Celine, to create the 3-year-long series for PBS, Ocean Adventures.

Recently, Fabien also became
a member of the UN Millennium Project, an advisory board tasked with developing a concrete plan for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Fabien is also a regular contributor to NBC’s Today Show, and volunteers his time to empower youth to be champions of environmental stewardship.

“The GFDD Global Roundtable”
“The Global Roundtable” is a monthly
series formulated this year and produced by GFDD in partnership with South-South News. The objective of the program is to promote dialogue on issues of international concern. Each broadcast features discussion with a prominent international figure. The series seeks to inform GFDD and South-South News viewership in the United States, the Dominican Republic and around the world of innovative initiatives pertaining to the Millennium Development Goals and other sustainable development targets
being realized in each of the countries being spot-lighted.

“The Global Roundtable” is yet another channel by which GFDD contributes to enhancing visibility and understanding of the work of the United Nations System.

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