Fellows Program Generates Interest Among SIPA Students at Columbia University

March 25, 2014

Columbia University played host to the first-ever Fellows Program information session on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, to promote research opportunities in the Dominican Republic to Masters and PhD candidate students at the School for International and Public Affairs (SIPA).  The program has hosted two researchers from other schools at Columbia University (see Meet Our Fellows), so
representatives were excited to extend opportunities to students at SIPA.

Fellows representatives give thanks to SIPA Master’s candidate Gerald McElroy for coordinating the event and for his continued support of GFDD’s programs and initiatives. McElroy has worked with
GFDD’s InteRDom program for many years through his involvement with the Yspaniola Foundation, an organization with whom InteRDom has coordinated many events and programs in the Dominican Republic.

The Fellows Program, an initiative of GFDD and FUNGLODE, is currently receiving proposals from candidates to perform fellowships in the Dominican Republic for the summer and fall of 2014.

The Fellows Program provides opportunities for M.S., M.A. and
Ph.D. candidates interested in conducting high-level research in the Dominican Republic on issues related to sustainable development. The final output of the investigation is a comprehensive report which includes empirical data. Fellows realize research in coordination with GFDD and FUNGLODE staff, National Advisor and their university professors. Fellows that carry-out exemplary work have the opportunity to present their findings before the United Nations community on behalf of GFDD and

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