Former President Fernández Leads Signing of Agreement between EU-LAC Foundation and Salamanca University

July 1, 2016

On Thursday the former Dominican Republic president Dr. Leonel Fernández headed the signing of an international partnership agreement between the European Union–Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Foundation and Salamanca University.

The basic aim of the agreement framework is to confirm the interest of both institutions in sustaining an alliance of mutual support to develop and move ahead with a technical collaboration.

The record of
the agreement notes that the space for collaboration between the EU-LAC Foundation and Salamanca University will focus on subject areas of relevance to the bi-regional association.

Likewise, it lays out that the partnership established between the parties may take the form of exchanges of documents and other information deemed important.

Besides Fernández, the document establishing the terms of the interinstitutional agreement was signed by Paola Amadei,
executive director of the EU-LAC Foundation, and Daniel Hernández Ruipérez, Dean of Salamanca University.

“The signing of this agreement is of particular relevance because the EU-LAC Foundation is resolved to promote bi-regional relationships among the countries of the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean – that is, 61 countries – to promote everything related to migration and trade, but also creating a shared Euro-Latin American space for
higher education, promoting science, technology, innovation, fostering links between SMEs on both sides of the Atlantic – in short, quite an intense agenda of subject areas,” Fernández stated after the signing of the agreement.

He noted that the internationally prestigious Salamanca University has much to contribute to carrying out the aims of the EU-LAC Foundation, above all in relation to student, academia, and researcher mobility as well as the creation of a
common European Union–Latin American/Caribbean higher education space.

On behalf of Salamanca University, Dean Daniel Hernández Ruipérez stressed the commitment of his institution, which in 2018 will celebrate its 800th anniversary, in terms of collaboration with all bodies promoting the Euro-Latin American and Caribbean higher education space.

“We could not miss the opportunity to sign this agreement with the EU-LAC Foundation to contribute
to promoting joint actions that bring together the required consensus to mobilize the necessary resources and achieve this ambitious aim,” the academic noted.

To carry out the activities to be programmed within the framework of the agreement, each of the parties will name a coordinator. In fact it was announced that Paola Amadei will serve as agreement coordinator for the EU-LAC Foundation, with Francisco Sánchez representing Salamanca University as her

Former president Fernández is in Salamanca as president of the EU-LAC Foundation to participate in the 8th conference of the European Council for Social Research on Latin America (CEISAL), a network of the main institutions, specialist centers, and national social research associations on Latin America.

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