Frank Moya Pons and José Rafael Lantigua will give keynote speeches in Miami

November 2, 2022

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) in Florida (GFDD-Florida) organizes the dissertation of prominent Dominican intellectuals within the framework of the Miami Book Fair.

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) in Florida (GFDD-Florida) organizes the dissertation of prominent Dominican intellectuals within the framework of the Miami Book Fair , at 6:00 p.m. on Friday 18 and Saturday November 19, 2022. The office of Funglode’s sister institution in the United States will host both conferences. 

MIAMI. – Within the framework of the Miami Book Fair , two Dominican intellectuals of great importance will offer two master conferences: Frank Moya Pons and José Rafael Lantigua , on Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19, 2022, respectively.

The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) Florida Headquarters (GFDD-Florida) hosts the talks at its offices located at 75 Valencia Ave Suite 600, Coral Gables FL 33134, at 6:00 p.m.

Moya Pons will address the topic “Early Epidemics on the island of Santo Domingo” and José Rafael Lantigua will refer to “Languages ​​and Registries in the construction of the Dominican nationality”.

GFDD-Florida, sister institution of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode) in the United States, will continue its agenda of activities at its office in Florida with both conferences and participation in the aforementioned fair with a kiosk to present works by the authors guests. The office opened this summer and joins the GFDD headquarters in New York.

One of the objectives of GFDD-Florida is to promote Dominican culture and identity in Miami from multiple perspectives, as well as to build bridges in matters related to trade, technological developments, education and productive sectors in general.

José Zaiter, director of the office, invited all Dominicans residing in Florida and the general public to attend both activities, where they will have the opportunity to share and exchange impressions with two of the most transcendental writers of the Dominican Republic in full activity intellectual.

Those interested can reserve their assistance by contacting Soulangel Santana, by phone 786.355.2309

Frank Moya Pons

He received his Ph.D. in Latin American History and Economic Development from Columbia University in New York. He was a professor of Latin American History at the same

college and Caribbean History at the University of Florida. She taught Dominican History at the Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, in Santiago. He was director of investigations

of the Institute of Dominican Studies at The City College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and director of research for the Fund for the Advancement of Microenterprises, FondoMicro, in Santo Domingo.

He is the author of thirty history books. His publications include: The historical explanation (2021); Infrastructures: The Physical Foundations of Dominican Development (2019); Dominican Historical Geography (2019); Rica: 50 years of history (2018); Other looks at Dominican history (2017); The Sierra and the Sierra Plan (2017); Gold in Dominican history (2016); The Great Change: The Economic and Social Transformation of the Dominican Republic 1963-2013 (2014); Bibliography of Dominican History (2013); Invasion and conquest of Hispaniola (2012); The other Dominican history (2008); Caribbean History (2008); The San Zenón cyclone and the “New Homeland” (2007); Doctrine and policies of the environment and natural resources (2004); Brief contemporary history of the Dominican Republic (1999); Entrepreneurs in conflict: Industrialization and import substitution policies in the Dominican Republic (1992); Dominican banking pioneers (1989); The Dominican past (1986); Lima: The council and local life in the sixteenth century (1534-1553) (1985); Dominican history for children (1979) and Manual of Dominican history (1977).

Also, Colonial History of Santo Domingo (1973); The Haitian domination (1972) and The

Spanish in the sixteenth century (1971).

In collaboration with other authors, he has also published Los taínos: The demographic debate (2013); History of the Dominican Republic (2010); Bibliography of Dominican law 1844-1995 (1999); Microenterprise Indicators in the Dominican Republic (1995); Microenterprises and microentrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic (1994); The batey: Socioeconomic study of the bateys of the State Sugar Council (1986); Between Slavery and Free Labor: The Spanish Speaking Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century (1985); and Taino Art (1983).

In addition to these works, Frank Moya Pons has published numerous chapters in collective academic books and in specialized academic journals in Europe, the United States, and Latin America, as well as hundreds of popular articles about Dominican history in Santo Domingo magazines and newspapers.

In addition to the aforementioned Atlas, his cartographic work includes four large relief maps of the island of Santo Domingo published in 2001 and 2015. His extensive editorial work also includes the 32-volume edition of the FORUM series on the economic and social problems of the Dominican Republic; 42 issues of the magazine Eme-Eme Estudios Dominicanos; 18 titles from the Fund for the Advancement of Social Sciences; another 18 from the FondoMicro series on microenterprises; 70 from the Dominican Society of Bibliophiles; and 13 from the Dominican Academy of History.

Jose Rafael Lantigua

He is a poet, essayist, literary critic, chronicler and cultural manager. He is the founder of the International Book Fair of Santo Domingo, member of the Dominican Academy of Language, corresponding to the Royal Spanish Academy.

From 2004 to 2012 he was Minister of Culture. For twenty years he founded and directed the literary supplement BIBLIOTECA, in the newspapers Última Hora and Listín Diario, becoming the publication of its type with the most diffusion and reading, and showing for two decades the values ​​of Dominican literature and the new and then future voices of our lyrics.

He is the author of more than twenty books, including La conjura del tiempo (1994); Domingo Moreno Jimenes, biography of a poet [the only biography of a Dominican poet] (1976); Islands in the sun, an anthology of the Cuban and Dominican story (1998); Miracles of the Caribbean. Douze poetes de Saint-Domingue (Le Temps des Cerises, Paris, 2000); The word to be said (2012); An encounter with the Commander (2016); Island Tremor (Huerga & Fierro, Madrid, 2019); Democracy and Pandemic. Records (2021); Appliances and Tramoyas. Chronicles with History (2021).

He is also the author of the collections of poems: Sobre un tiempo de esperanzas (1976); The intimate joys (2003); Mirror Territory (2013); The Summoned Fatigue (2014); Shadow Notebook (2015) and Evening Initiation (2021).

She was a finalist for the Pilar Fernández Labrador International Prize in Salamanca, Spain, where 1,305 collections of poems by authors from 28 countries participated.

His critical works were collected in seven (7) volumes under the title Espacios y Resonancias, obtaining the Eduardo León Jimenes National Book Fair Award for the book of the year 2016.

He holds the Heraldic Order of Christopher Columbus in the Great Cross Silver Plate degree, awarded by the Dominican Government.

He writes his weekly Raciones de Letras column in the Diario Libre newspaper of Santo Domingo and is the director of Global magazine. 

It is dedicated to business consulting in strategic communication and the direction and management of cultural projects.