FUNGLODE joins the academic network of the UNCTAD Virtual Institute

June 19, 2014

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), chaired by the former President of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernández, has joined the academic network of the Virtual Institute of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The agreement was reached by Dr. Leonel Fernández and the Secretary General of UNCTAD, Mukhisa Kituyi, during a meeting held Wednesday in the city of Geneva.

entrance in the academic network of the Virtual Institute is part of the activities in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of UNCTAD. In addition, the agreement is part of the program of activities with which the Virtual Institute celebrates the tenth anniversary of its foundation.

The UNCTAD Virtual Institute is a program for training and the establishment of a network of academic institutions in the developing countries, as is the case of the
Dominican Republic.

The main objective of this agency of UNCTAD is to help strengthen the teaching and research capacity of its members in the areas of trade, investment and development, for the purpose of increasing the importance of the focus of their respective labor policies.

The Virtual Institute works with the institutions that are part of the Network of Information Technologies and Knowledge (network of ICTs) by providing services in the areas of
support for degree programs, development of educational and professional research programs, and cooperation in the academic field.

FUNGLODE is a private institution dedicated primarily to the analysis of the social, economic and political impact on development at the global level, in order to contribute to the development of public policies that are crucial for the democratic governance and sustainable development in the Dominican Republic and Latin