GFDD and FUNGLODE bolster education opportunities for Dominican Students in collaboration with the OAS, Virtual Educa and the University of Panama

July 30, 2011

Two Dominican students are among the fortunate recipients of a coveted scholarship offered as an initiative of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the University of Panama, in collaboration with Virtual Educa and Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE and GFDD), under the bilateral alliance of the OAS Program for Education and Training, (IMEDH). Together, these organizations are
committed to sponsoring scholarships to outstanding individuals from the Americas to enable them to continue their studies through the online Masters in Virtual Learning program.
The scholarships, which in DR went to Jose Valdez and Oliver Cruz, are awarded to contribute to the development of one of the most valuable resources of the OAS Member States: its citizens. The stringent selection process is based on a number of merits after a thorough evaluation
of academic achievements, job performance and the potential impact on the development of the student’s country. Recipients are expected to contribute by demonstrating effort in continuing the tradition of excellence that has already been established by the OAS scholarship recipients of previous decades, and by making significant contributions to their respective country through the application of the knowledge gained in the Masters program, which this year begins August 3.
The scholarship covers 85% of the total program cost, equivalent to approximately US$1,900, with students covering the remainder, including the shipping and legalization of documents, fees for school services (certificates, records) and for graduation costs.

With the advent of Information Communications Technologies (ICT‘s), the traditional teaching method based on the teacher/professor in a classroom environment is becoming
increasingly obsolete and the center of attention is shifting, instead, to the student and his or her interactive learning environment. The design and implementation of teaching training programs using ICT’s is a key element in the process towards broad spectrum real educational reforms.

IMEDH, which was launched and signed in June 2010 during Virtual Educa in Santo Domingo, was created to promote the development of education from an innovative and
inclusive standpoint with the goal of helping to improve human development in the Region. To avoid duplication of efforts, IMEDH operates under special cooperative relationships to identify and develop programs and projects of common interest and provides a multilateral working space conducive for the management of grants and donations obtained from strategic alliances.

IMEDH’S technical secretariat is located in the office of the OAS in Panama, whose
representative is also its technical coordinator. The executive headquarters is housed at the General Secretariat/OAS in Washington, DC and its executive coordinator is the Director of the Department of Human Development, Education and Culture of the OAS.

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