GFDD and FUNGLODE Invite You to Vote for Portal

August 29, 2006

Portal, a project created and implemented by Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), is participating in “Arroba de Oro” (“Golden @”) 2006, a contest that will recognize Dominican
websites with awards in different categories.

The contest consists of two phases, a first one in which an international jury will exhaustively evaluate all participating websites on all categories at a technical level, and that will count for 50% of the final score. The second phase, with the rest of the score, consists in popular choice, as users vote for their preferred website in each category.

Each user can only vote once on each category, and it is
required for them to register an active email account with their basic personal information, as auditing companies are validating all votes.

The jury, conformed by 50 judges from 17 countries, will choose the winning “Arroba de Oro” (“Golden @”) website and other prizes from the 15 categories. All the judges are professionals and experts in the creation and design of websites, as well as public opinion leaders.

Omnimedia Group, editor of Diario Libre in Dominican Republic, brought this worldly recognized contest to the country, in which 783 websites are currently participating.

The key elements to qualify and evaluate accepted websites were: design, surfing abilities, content and creativity.

On September 9th a “carnival of votes” will be celebrated at Bella Vista Mall, where general public can vote for their
website of preference, in a way to guarantee that web users are involved in the selection of the winner.

Portal is a project where an international and multidisciplinary team works to promote the image of Dominican Republic, transfer knowledge about the country and strengthen the esteem and respect to its patrimony and values.

To support Portal in this contest, please vote at