GFDD and FUNGLODE Launch Portal’s Virtual Library

August 24, 2007

With the objective of democratizing access to knowledge, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) have created a Virtual Library. The Library, a component of Portal, provides the global community access to a wide repertoire of Dominican literature in Spanish.  

The initiative seeks to foster intellectual growth and promote appreciation of the Dominican culture. In addition to providing equal access to library materials, the Virtual Library’s digitalized volumes allow for numerous users to read the same book, article or document simultaneously. Restriction free access to all literary works makes the Virtual Library an invaluable teaching tool for classroom instructors.
Digital volumes may be read and printed at no cost to the reader. All documents form part of the public domain.
The site’s user friendly “search” feature allows users to search for materials by subject (action, science fiction, drama, children’s literature, social studies, education, geography, history, politics, religion, other) or by genre (biography, short story, essay, poetry,
novel, report, document, other). The “advanced search” option allows users to also search for texts by title, ISBN, author, editor, year or content.
The portal section “Recommendations” provides readers access to literary critiques of the Library’s volumes. Moreover, the section “Reader Favorites” features a list of the texts most frequently read by portal
Books currently being premiered on include: Cosas Añejas (Cesar Nicolás Penson), Over (Ramón Marrero Aristry), El Derrumbe (Fredrico García Godoy), Páginas Olvidadas (Gastón F. Deligne), Décimas
(Juan Antonio Alix), La Fantasma de Higüey (Francisco Javier Angulo Guridi), Guanuma (Frederico García Godoy), Enriquillo (Manuel de Jesús Galván), and Montero (Pedro Francisco Bonó). Four new texts will be added each month.
Virtual Library is another important feature
of the Portal, launched in November 2005 with the mission to offer easy access to relevant and reliable information on the Dominican Republic, promote national values and contribute to the country’s visibility across the Globe.