GFDD and FUNGLODE Present The White Paper of Dominican Journalism during Special Program of Dominican Get-Togethers in the Big Apple

March 18, 2013

In an effort to continue promoting and supporting democracy and development in the Dominican Republic, on Monday, March 18, GFDD and FUNGLODE presented The White Paper of Dominican Journalism – the first detailed directory of media in the history of the country covering print, broadcast, digital and news agencies. The White Paper, which was made possible in
collaboration with Editorial FUNGLODE, is available to journalists and the general public.

The event took place at New York City’s premier venue for Spanish Language and Hispanic-American culture, Instituto Cervantes, where Elina María Cruz, Director of Communications at FUNGLODE, Director of Center for Communications Research at FUNGLODE and Director of Communications at the Dominican Republic’s
Global Film Festival shared an elaborate but easy-to- follow presentation covering the beginnings of the project, the execution and its completion.

An army of collaborators was needed to complete The White Paper of Dominican Journalismincluding 700 students of journalism who conducted research from five different schools of journalism (UASD, PUCMM, UCSD, O &M and UTESA) and renowned professors Pere Masip and Josep Lluís Micó of the Blanquerna Faculty of Communications.

“The journalism field in the
Dominican Republic began in 1953, said Ms. Cruz.  We have come a long way with more than 7,000 students currently enrolled in eight accredited universities throughout the country in a variety of journalism programs.”

The majority of research and data gathering for The White Paper of Dominican Journalism took place in 2009.  The book was published in 2011.  Elina María Cruz,
together with GFDD, FUNGLODE and its Center for Communications hope this will be the first volume of many in order to provide up-to-date information in this critical and growing field of media and journalism. 

Yamile Eusebio, Director of GFDD New York, who also serves as Director of Formative Activities at FUNGLODE joined Elina María Cruz at the event and thanked the audience for its support.  Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about the
presentation. The evening concluded with delightful food and conversation where the audience networked and enjoyed personal time with Ms. Cruz and the GFDD team.

The event is a special edition of the Dominican Get-togethers in the Big Apple Program, which aims to promote an appreciation of Dominican Literature, Writing and the Arts.