GFDD and OPD/Funglode Launch the Portal Dominican Community in the US Facing Covid19

October 2, 2020

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and the Dominican Political Observatory (OPD, its acronym in Spanish) of its sister institution Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (Funglode) launch today the Portal Dominican Community in the US facing Covid19 (, created and implemented by a team of researchers  working in the institutions’ offices in New York, United States, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


The purpose of the Project is to gather and present pertinent and relevant information for the Dominican community residing in the United States regarding the development of the Covid19 pandemic and to report on the current and future repercussions at a socioeconomic, psychological, environmental and cultural level.

The Portal is divided into eight main sections: Dominicans in the US, Development of the Pandemic, Economic Effects, Social Consequences, Environmental Impact, Psychological Challenges, Heroes of Solidarity and Looking to the Future. Researchers at GFDD and OPD/ Funglode have been involved in a comprehensive research, compilation and analysis process on these topics for several months now and will continue this work in the future so as to continuously provide reliable and updated information. The Portal’s objective is to serve as a basis for a better understanding of the challenges and possible solutions to the difficulties created by the pandemic; its target audience is the Dominican community itself, as well as all others (researchers, students, journalists, etc.) interested in it.

As part of the creative process, the team of researchers has interviewed a large number of community leaders, businessmen, professionals, health workers, families who have suffered from the disease and its impact, and other members of the Dominican community residing in the US, in order to gather their testimonies, honor their stories and share their experiences. The development of a section of audiovisual and written interviews is underway where a selection of said interactions with people who have contributed their experiences in a sincere and generous way will be presented.

The Portal also features a section: Tell us your story!, where everyone is invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. The intention of the creative team is to maintain an interactive and dynamic conversation with the members of the Dominican community in the United States, contributing on a daily basis to a better understanding of the circumstances created, promoting potential solutions, as well as opportunities that may arise to overcome the great existing challenges.

We invite you to access the Portal at The Portal is equipped with software that translates the content into the desired language.