GFDD at the Civil Society Hemispheric Forum

April 27, 2004

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development participated in the Civil Society Hemispheric Forum, which took place on April 26 and 27 in Quito, Ecuador.

The Forum was organized by the government of Ecuador through the Civil Society Management Committee and with the support of the Summit of the Americas Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS). The objective of the Forum was to prepare the participation of
the civil society in the Informal Dialogue with the representatives of the OAS Member States and the Secretary General during the XXXIV Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly, in Quito, Ecuador, on June 6 th , 2004. The recommendations generated from the Forum will be presented to the OAS Permanent Council, to the General Commission, and to the OAS Member States in preparation of the General Assembly.

Its Executive Director, Ms. Natasha Despotovich, represented
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development.

More than 150 representatives of nongovernmental organizations from all across the Western Hemisphere joined in Quito to discuss issues relevant to the democratic, social and economic development
of the Region. They exchanged experiences regarding policies implemented by the governments of the Americas, and concluded by devising recommendations directed to OAS Member States Representatives and the General Secretariat.

The XXXIV OAS General Assembly will focus on the topic of social
development and democracy in relation to the impact of corruption.

During the two days of discussion, working groups on the following topics were organized: Inter-American Convention Against Corruption, Access to Information, Political Financing, Private Sector Corruption, Justice and Fight against Impunity, Civil Society Participation in Hemispheric Processes. Also, Promotion and Defense of Democracy in the
Inter-American System; Inter-American System of Human Rights; Sustainable Development and Environment, Integration and Free Trade, and Hemispheric Security.

Ms. Natasha Despotovich was selected as a representative of
the Working Group on Integration and Free Trade to the XXXIV

OAS General Assembly that will take place in Quito, June 6 to 8.

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development will continue to participate actively in the civil society process related to hemispheric issues.

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