GFDD Continues Role as Institutional Secretary at the CoNGO Board Meeting in Vienna, Austria

April 8, 2019

Vienna, Austria – The Confederation of NGOs (CoNGO), an organization in consultative relationship with the United Nations, held its annual Board Members Meeting from Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) and the Palffy Palace in Vienna, Austria.

GFDD was an active participant in the discussions, following a partnership between CoNGO and that organization established in 2015.

GFDD’s New York office Director and CoNGO Secretary, Yamile Eusebio, represented the organization at the Board meeting.

During the gatherings, the members of the Board discussed various points of interest included the CoNGO president Liberato Bautista’s agenda as well as that of the vice-president, Cyril Ritche and the second vice-president, Martina Gredler.

On April 5, a cocktail event was held in which Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (OSMTH) gave special recognition to Mr. Cyril Riche, who, in addition to serving as the current first vice-president of CoNGO, was previously the president of the organization.

The Standing Committees and the Substantial Committees presented the completed work at the end of the meetings.

GFDD, represented by its New York Director Yamile Eusebio, has been a CoNGO Board member since 2015, when it became the organization’s Secretary.

GFDD was reelected to that position in March 2018 for the 2018-2021 term.

About CoNGO:
The Conference of NGOs (CoNGO) vision is to be the primary support and platform for a civil society represented by a global community of informed, empowered and committed NGOs that fully participate with the UN in decision-making and programs leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice. Their mission is to facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic and informed world-wide NGO community able to influence policies and actions at all levels of the United Nations.

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