GFDD/FUNGLODE hosts 3 day OAS workshop in the DR Promoting Collaboration between Education and Culture

July 20, 2010
The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD/FUNGLODE), had the honor of hosting The Organization of American States (OAS) for a three-day inter-American workshop on “the role of the arts and communications media in the education of a democratic citizenry”.
The event in the DR state capital Santo Domingo, and represented by GFDD Director Asun Sanz, was attended by 86 professionals from
the education and culture sectors of 26 Member States of the OAS, including the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Culture, José Rafael Lantigua, and Vice Minister of Education, Adalberto Martínez; the Minister of Culture of Antigua and Barbuda, Eleston Adams; the Minister of Education and Culture of Saint Lucia, Gaspard Charlemagn. Also present was the OAS representative to the Dominican Republic, Ambassador Aníbal Enrique
Quiñónez Abarca, among other eminent government officials.
Workshop participants shared their knowledge of new, effective methods of encouraging the development of, skills and creativity in students through the introduction of art and culture into the academic curriculum. Also discussed was the role of the arts and media in   generating and promoting a democratic
The outcome of the workshop demonstrated there to be a necessity to accentuate and promote collaboration between the sectors of education and culture, which in turn will lead to an improved grounding for future professionals and an augmented social acceptance.
Behavioral changes over time and the way culture is conceptualized was one of the suggestions
proposed by Celia Toppin, a representative of the government of Barbados. The Permanent Undersecretary highlighted the fact that our youth must be nurtured in a way that assists them to become artistic creators and producers and not just consumers.
GFDD/FUNGLODE is committed to support the OAS’s aims and goals in facilitating an open forum for