GFDD/FUNGLODEs Dominican Photo Exhibit at OAS draws to a close

May 26, 2010
This week is your last chance to experience a unique Photo Exhibit entitled “New Perspectives: Dominican Republic” at the Terrace Gallery Level of the Organization of American States, in Washington DC. The last day for viewing this magnificent display of rarely-seen Dominican landscapes is Friday, May 28 (9 AM – 5 PM daily).
The thirty four aerial photographs that make up the DC Exhibit come from a richly-illustrated photo book of the same name, New Perspectives: Dominican Republic The book was created by Editor-in-Chief, Natasha Despotovic, and features the work of French photographer Anne Casale
The feedback on the Book, launched in 2007, was so positive that public Photo Exhibits to
reach a wider audience followed. Initially in Barcelona, Spain, at the Dominican Consulate in 2008, then Santo Domingo’s Independence Park in May 2009, followed by Santiago’s main park in July 2009, and currently at the OAS.
All the Exhibits, which have been organized by GFDD/FUNGLODE, demonstrate a new approach of experiencing the DR, taking the visitor away from the more widely known commercial beaches and package resorts that tend to form their perception of the Country. Many of the several thousands of people who have visited
the Exhibit over recent years were overcome by the breathtaking vistas of all thirty three provinces — each one extraordinary in its own way.
In Washington, DC, one of the main goals for the photographer and curatorial team of the Art Museum of the Americas was to transform the gallery space into the feeling of another place, as if to gently transport you to the DR and escortyou through its exquisite
countryside, some of which would otherwiseremain inaccessible. From the fertile wide river valleys of Montecristi, to Hato Mayor’s tropical forest reserve of Los Haitises, all the way over to Peravia’s unspoiled las Caldaras dunes, this relatively small island benefits from varied landscapes and micro climates, which allow any traveler a wealth of opportunity for exploration.
 Wending through the extensive photo installation at the OAS gallery, the unfolding story of the Dominican Republic proudly opens up in all its glory. Visitors are able to view the Exhibit at various depths and still emerge with an appreciation of the interconnectedness of nature and people in the context of the Dominican land, history and culture.
A brisk
walk-through reveals a variety of terrains, eye-popping colors, and vast expanses, whilst those with more time to linger discover large, easily readable text offering information on the region, as well as its location on a map.
Moreover, various exhibit techniques, such as life-size photos, and soft, warm lighting, plus a discrete informational video stationed on a loop, all help to
heighten the visual, and awaken the senses for an enchanting adventure.
This quality production, full of pleasing aesthetics, has been a work of passion since its inception, and on this occasion has been made possible thanks to the in-kind support offered by the OAS, Art Museum of the Americas, and sponsors like Odebrecht and Amborigena.
Although the Exhibit is coming to a close in Washington, stay tuned for news on both the book and upcoming Exhibits on the official website
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