GFDD Global Roundtable with Dr. Bruce Niswander, Director of the Global Business Incubator

February 21, 2012

GFDD is pleased to announce that the next GFDD Global Roundtable will feature an interview with Dr. Bruce Niswander, Director of the Global Business Incubator on March 26, 2011.

The Global Business Incubator (GBI) is a recent initiative of South-South News. The Incubator seeks to facilitate government and private sector opportunity to build capacity in countries of the Global South to leverage innovation and creativity for the achievement of the Millennium
Development Goals. GBI works with universities, businesses and governments to foster job creation and help entrepreneurs in developing countries to gain access to world markets.

Prior to his appointment as Director of the Global Business Incubator, Dr. Niswander was a professor of entrepreneurship at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and the Director of the Varick Street Business. In addition to his role as Director of GBI, Dr. Niswander is also an acting
advisor to IQ4, a New York City company that sells a social-media platform for businesses, governments and universities to collaborate on research and dissemination of information.

Among other topics, Dr. Niswander will discuss the thematic and geographical scope of GBI’s work, highlighting the areas in which they are making strides and the strategic process they implement to develop private-public partnerships.

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