GFDD Newly Elected to CoNGO Board of Directors

April 4, 2014

The Conference on NGO’S (CoNGO) General Assembly was convened in New York 2-4 April, 2014, under the headline subject: "Defining a Sustainable Future." Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) was among 20 Civil Society organizations unanimously elected for CoNGO Board membership for a three-year term, 2014-2017.

CoNGO, which has been known as the primary platform for civil society representation over the past 65
years, had a chance during this 3-day session to recall major discussions taking place in  United Nations and Civil Society concerning the post-2015 Development Agenda. This has ramifications in spheres such as; humanitarianism; human rights; democracy; peace and disarmament;  education; women’s empowerment; ageing and future generations; health and migration; and social justice. These are issues which the UN and Civil Society grapple on a continual basis. The CoNGO
GA’s aim was to review  past collective work in these areas and lay groundwork for future collective action.

Report: CoNGO’s UN Post-2015 DA

The CoNGO GA commenced on April 2 with a welcome to all CoNGO member by its President, Cyril
Ritchie, who highlighted the Importance of participatory decision making by non-governmental organizations in the Open Working Group of the Sustainable Development Goals (OWG SDG). The floor was then given to Mr. Nikhil Seth, Director for Sustainable Development of the OWG SDG  and former director of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), who noted that a sustainable future for all needs to have targeted objectives, including: Poverty eradication; education; increasing health life
expectancy;  mental health;  and sustained growth to support this.

On April 3, the ConGO working sessions were presided over by both the President, Cyril Ritchie and Vice President, Wolfgang Beiglboeck who gave the state of the organization and financial reports respectively. In the afternoon, past President of CoNGO, Liberato Bautista, moderated the session where each of the 20 board nominees, including GFDD, were able to introduce themselves.
GFDD’s New York Director, Yamile Eusebio, presented GFDD’s mission, vision and impact of the institution both in the Dominican Republic and abroad. Ms. Eusebio stated; "This is a tremendous opportunity for us to have an input at the highest levels of UN process, influencing various policies and actions to the benefit of all. This shared commitment will make our common work more meaningful, lasting and effective."

In addition to
having a decision-making role on the Board, GFDD will be able to take on tasks related to strategic planning, outreach, event organizing and other such projects. GFDD intends to get involved at all levels to assist, support and  improve the organizations workings.

This promotion to the CoNGO Board of Directors, which was announced on Friday April 4, illustrates the dedication GFDD and its sister organization FUNGLODE, have shown for well over a decade. Both
Foundations are devoted to advancing issues at the forefront of the United Nations’ agenda.

GFDD was also represented by Marc Jourdan, who along with the New York Director, was able to network and engage with the rest of the NGOS to discuss future possible areas of collaboration.

About CoNGO
The Conference of Non Governmental Organizations in consultative relationship with the United Nations
(CoNGO)is an independent, international, non-profit membership association of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It facilitates the participation of NGOs in United Nations debates and decision-making. CONGO is most active at the major UN centres of New York, Geneva and Vienna but its work stretches out to all regions of the world. CONGO was founded in 1948. Since then it has relentlessly worked to ensure that NGO voices be heard throughout the international arena. CONGO’s role
in mobilizing NGOs to form the first worldwide NGO forum on human rights in 1968, its role in conceiving forms of NGO participation in UN world conferences and its advocacy on behalf of NGOs at UN Headquarters highlight CONGO’s chief objectives: to ensure that NGOs be present when governments discuss issues of global concern at the United Nations and to facilitate NGO discussions on such issues.

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