GFDD to Coordinate Panel on Environmental Education Tool, Ocean in Google Earth, at Rio + 20

June 7, 2012

Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Ocean in Google Earth and Mission Blue to present the panel: “’Ocean in Google Earth’ as an Environmental Education Tool: The Dominican Perspective,” during the Rio + 20 Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The presentation, in partnership with CoNGO (the Conference of NGO’s in Consultative Relationship
with the United Nations), will present how Ocean in Google Earth is being effectively used to raise awareness and provide information on coastal and marine resources, using the Dominican Republic as a model for the Caribbean and Latin American region. Ocean in Google Earthcollects local stories and locally-based knowledge from people who care about the ocean environment worldwide. These stories are related to six key areas: ecosystems, marine
life, ocean and atmosphere, science and exploration, marine protected areas and human connections. 

GFDD and Ocean in Google Earth have teamed up to create a geo-referenced layer on Google Earth named Mission Blue.Mission Blueisbuilt using a multimedia format including video footage, pictures, local music and the presentation of short stories in Spanish highlighting scientific studies, creating awareness of marine and coastal ecosystems and highlighting best
practices, while also documenting the challenges & opportunities that lie ahead for the oceans.

Ocean in Google Earthis an interactive program that allows the viewer to post content in a number of formats, including still photos, audio, video or commentary in the form of plain text.   By engaging the public, in particular young people, Google is taking steps to ensure that the world’s collective vision for a sustainable future that promotes
prosperity and quality of life, without further erosion of  the planet’s natural resources, can become reality. 

As an active participant in its development, GFDD is proud to be involved in the Ocean in Google Earth program – a highly effective educational tool that documents lessons learned and best practices from the Dominican Republic. The project is sure to be of immeasurable value to educational institutions, public, private
and civil society entities, the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and the general public.

Ocean in Google Earth seeks to strike a chord in the minds of the world’s citizenry to adopt practices that will positively contribute to the sustainability and health of the natural environment.

The panel discussion will take place on 17 June, from 15:30 – 17:00 hrs at the Rio Centro in room T-9, Rio de Janiero,

For more information on this event, contact Margaret Hayward at: or at 212.751.5000.

GFDD and the Environment
Environmental stewardship has been at the forefront of GFDD’s mission
since its conception. Through the organization of conferences, workshops and film screenings, and the creation of online and print publications, GFDD has been working to promote environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.

The Foundation’s environmental initiatives heighten awareness of pressing issues and promote respect for biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services. These projects aspire to encourage citizens of
the Dominican Republic and citizens of the world to adopt practices that will positively contribute to the sustainability and health of the natural environment.

Years of experience in the area have resulted in the development of an extensive network of prominent international environmentalists and national and local practitioners and educators, whose expertise contributes to the elevation of the content and scope of GFDD’s diverse program of work.

About CoNGO
For the past 60 years, the Conference of NGOs (CoNGO) in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations has been actively promoting the involvement of NGOs in the working of the United Nations.

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