Global Foundation Announces Winners of Funglode/GFDD 2017 Awards

February 8, 2018

The awards were announced in the following categories: Short Stories, Poetry and Journalism.

The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode/GFDD) announced the winners of the 11th Annual Awards in Short Stories (Juan Bosch Award); Poetry (Pedro Mir Award) and Journalism (Rafael Herrera).

Funglode’s Center for Cultural Studies announced the winners at a special event held at the institution’s Art Gallery
headed by the Center’s Director, José Rafael Lantigua; the director of the Funglode/GFDD Awards, Catherine Florentino, and notary/attorney Cecilia García.

The following are the winners of the Funglode/GFDD 2017 Awards:

Juan Bosch Short Story Award
First Place: Belleza fatal, by Roberto Adames.
Second Place: Sueños para no despertarse, by Danilo Rodríguez.
Third Place: Excelente movimiento hacia ningún lado, by Roberto Adames.

Honorable Mentions:
La anunciación, by Danilo Rodríguez.
Una tarde lluviosa, by Elizabeth Amelia Villamán.
Punto de encuentro, by Michelle Denis Guzmán Ortiz.

Pedro Mir Poetry Award:
Single Award: La ciudad no será
, by Daniela Cruz Gil.

Rafael Herrera Journalism Award
Single Award:  Special report: “Inside the Skin of Madness,” by Juan Salazar, Listín Diario.
Honorable Mention: “Exploitation of Minors,” by Santiago Benjamín de la Cruz, Listín Diario.

Max Pou Documentary Award:
No winner was announced since the only submission presented
in this category did not comply with Award requirements.

Members of the jury, according to each category:
Pedro Mir Poetry Award: José Frank Rosario, Enegildo Peña and Plinio Chahín.
Rafael Herrera Journalism Award: Nelson Rodríguez, Mario Rivadulla and José Báez Guerrero.
Juan Bosch Short Story Award: Luis Martín Gómez, Emilia Pereyra and Pedro Antonio Valdez.
Max Pou Documentary Award: Francisco López Sacha,
Félix Manuel Lora and Martha Checo.

Award organizers announced that in total 162 entries were received: 126 short stories; 22 poems; 14 journalism entries and one documentary.

The winners in all three categories will receive monetary awards that will range from RD$30,000.00 to RD$150,000.00 (US$625 to over US$3,000).

The award ceremony will be held in March, at a date to be announced.