Global Foundation for Democracy and Development Hosts Workshop on Latin Women Entrepreneurs

September 20, 2018

The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) hosted this past September 18 a training workshop for Hispanic women titled “Latin Women Entrepreneurs:  Learning How to Create and Expand Your Company,” led by business specialist and speaker Diana Zuluaga.

The workshop was held at the Dominican Women Development Center in Washington Heights.

Ms. Yamile Eusebio, director of the Global
Foundation’s New York Office, introduced Ms. Zuluaga to the more than 50 Latino women that participated in the event. During the workshop Ms. Zuluaga shared with the participants her own personal story and the challenges she faced when she decided to launch her own company.

The Dominican Women Development Center is situated on 715 West 179th Street, in Manhattan’s Washington Heights sector.

The participants enjoyed and learned, step by step, how to empower
themselves and create their own company in their communities.  They also shared their own experiences and the ways they managed to solve the challenges some faced along the way.

Ms. Zuluaga distributed a step-by-step manual that will help new entrepreneurs put together an action plan so that they can execute the lessons learned during the event.

Manuel Medrano, the Global Foundation’s assistant for student exchange programs, delivered
brief closing remarks at the end of the workshop and thanked all participants for attending the workshop.  At the end of the event there was a 30-minute networking session where the attendants shared information amongst themselves.

On Diana Zuluaga
Diana Zuluaga is a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of JET D’OR, a company that specializes in the operation of aircraft and private jets with offices throughout the world. Ms.
Zuluaga began to share her entrepreneurial vision after the success of her company, which today generates some US$2 million in income.

Ms. Zuluaga is a graduate of New York University, where she received her Masers in Administration and Public Policy.