Global Roundtable to Host Angola’s Ambassador

October 25, 2012

H.E. Ambassador Ismael Abraao Gaspar Martins of Angola has confirmed his participation at the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) initiative “Global Roundtable,” on November 12, 2012 at the New York offices of GFDD.

Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975. Despite its status as one of Africa’s major oil producers, the
nation is striving to tackle the physical, social and political legacy of a 27-year civil war that ravaged the country after independence.  The governing Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the rebel group Unita were bitter rivals even before the country gained its independence. The Soviet Union and Cuba supported the then-Marxist MPLA, while the US and white-ruled South Africa backed Unita as a bulwark against Soviet influence in

In recent times, however, oil exports and foreign loans have spurred economic growth and have fuelled a reconstruction boom.

Ambassador Martins will be answering a wide array of questions from achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, to democratizing information and communications technology, economy, education, public health, micro-credit, youth initiatives, climate change, environmental management and emerging markets for the benefit
of the GFDD audiences.

“The Global Roundtable” is produced by GFDD with the objective to promote dialogue on issues of international concern. Each broadcast features discussion with a prominent international figure. The series seeks to inform GFDD viewership in the United States, the Dominican Republic and around the globe of innovative initiatives pertaining to the Millennium Development Goals and other sustainable development targets being realized
worldwide. “The Global Roundtable” is yet another channel by which GFDD contributes to enhancing visibility and understanding of the work of the United Nations System.