InteRDom Creates New Internship Program with University of Mondragón

November 3, 2012

“Student Teachers” is the latest initiative of InteRDom: Internships in the Dominican Republic in partnership with the School of Humanities at the University of Mondragón.

Participants are university students in the area of education who, as interns, will have the opportunity to contribute to the educational curriculum of Dominican schools as teaching assistants. The 16 participating students will be working in their respective areas of
specialization at the elementary and primary school levels. They will focus on general education, special education and physical education.

The “Student Teachers” program will allow both the Interns and the schools to deepen their knowledge of cross-cultural aspects of education. The objective of the initiative is to strengthen
the teaching abilities of primary school teachers and to encourage children to initiate dialogue on opportunities and challenges that affect the schools and the community at large. The internships will also contribute to the completion of the final project before graduation required for students of education by the University of Mondragón.

The schools participating in the program  are: Colegio Calazans, Colegio Babeque Primaria, Colegio Jaime Molina Mota, Colegio
Escuela Nueva, Colegio Saint George, Centro Educativo Los Prados, Colegio Retoños and Colegio New Horizons.

During the first week of the program, the students from the University of Mondragón participated in a series of workshops at FUNGLODE aimed at facilitating their integration in the participating schools and their adaptation to the culture of the country. During the last meeting the interns and the schools participated in a working session to establish the learning

On Tuesday, November 6, the students of the University of Mondragón will participate in a roundtable session with specialists in basic education from the Ministry of Education (MINERD), which will be led by experts Clara Baez and Rita Ceballos. The roundtable session is open to teachers, university students and the general public. Confirmation of attendance via email is required at:

“Student Teachers” is part of InteRDom’s academic exchange agenda with universities interested in strengthening their international activities.

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