Introducing “411 on Study Abroad” Blog Series

April 3, 2012

InteRDom Internships in the Dominican Republic is pleased to announce the launch of a one-month four-part series titled “411 on Study Abroad,” to be published on the program’s blog during the month of April.

The series is
authored by Ludonis Maule, a Baruch College Study Abroad Student Advisor and a current intern in the InteRDom marketing department in the program’s New York headquarters.  Maule has three years of experience working in the study abroad office, coaching students on study abroad destinations, applications and re-entry processes.

In the series, Maule aims to deepen students’ understanding of study abroad from the academic perspective. 
She will tackle such topics as how to select a program and effectively conduct the application process, how to market an international experience on a professional resume and why the Caribbean, and specifically the Dominican Republic, is an important destination for students to consider.

You can read the “411 on Study Abroad” on the InteRDom blog here.

The InteRDom blog aims to provide a forum for former, current and future students, professors, employers, experts and other collaborators of the InteRDom program to express ideas on topics related to the areas in which the program works, including   international
education, global business practices, career development strategies, Dominican and Caribbean issues and cross-cultural awareness.  It is to provide useful information for students and to inspire lively debate and increased interest in intellectual exchange and the development of Hispaniola.