Old T-shirts Become Tote Bags at CTC Boca Chica

March 1, 2016

A group of 22 participants, mostly women, from young students to adults, gathered at a creative recycling workshop organized by ReCrearte to learn about environmental responsibility.  The workshop took place at the CTC Boca Chica in Santo Domingo on February 29 and was coordinated by Bertha Santana.

The activity began with a conversation on community empowerment. The brief talk was given to motivate the group to develop creative recycling as a way
for each of them to support environmental protection efforts and as a means of additional income. The attendees then began the hands-on part of the workshop, reusing old t-shirts to make unique tote bags.

ReCrearte, an initiative of GFDD/Funglode, focuses on the three R’s of sustainability- reduce, reuse, and recycle and its workshops concentrate on repurposing discarded materials into new objects that can be sold for income. At the culmination of the event
several women expressed their interest in participating in future workshops, with the goal of making an income out of the items created.

About ReCrearte
ReCrearte works with the most disadvantaged members of the community who receive training in the art of recycling and creating new objects from waste and, at the same time, learn to develop an alternative source of income. The program revolves around the "three golden
rules" – or 3Rs – for the proper management of solid waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The workshops demonstrate and emphasize the idea that recycling waste and transforming it into art strengthens both individuals and communities alike.

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