Photography Exhibit New Perspectives: Dominican Republic


The Book “New Perspective: Dominican Republic”
GFDD and FUNGLODE hope that this book will serve as a point of reference for the national population and the numerous Dominicans that reside outside of the country, as well as for foreign visitors, the nation’s commercial sector, students, art and photography aficionados and all those interested in developing a better understanding of the Dominican Republic.

“New Perspectives: Dominican Republic”, comprises 400 aerial images taken from a helicopter and is divided in to 9 chapters – Reflections of Light, Coasts, Heights, Plains, History, City, People, Tourism and Work – that contain text pertaining to various aspects of the country’s history, culture, environment and contemporary life.

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The photo exhibit “New Perspectives: Dominican Republic” was conceived by the book of the same title. The purpose of the exhibit is to present the Dominican Republic in a new light, introducing the beauty of Dominican landscapes as it is captured from the air. The exhibits have been successfully presented in different places around the world, such as the Dominican Republic, New York, Washington, DC, Rhode Island, and Barcelona.

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