ReCrearte Participates in Colegio New Horizons’ Global Expo 2017 with an Art Recycling Workshop in Santo Domingo

April 6, 2017

ReCrearte joined together with the Dominican Republic’s Center for Agricultural and Forest Development (CEDAF, for its acronym in Spanish) to host on Wednesday, April 5 a recycling presentation and workshop with 62 students from the Colegio New Horizons, in Santo Domingo, DR. These activities were among many at the school’s Global Expo 2017.

During the workshop two speakers led a presentation about environmental sustainability and recycling efforts: Mr. Yoel Gómez,
a representative from CEDAF, and ReCrearte coordinator, Lucia Marte. Mr. Gómez showed an audiovisual presentation about environmental issues and sustainability, while Ms. Marte displayed a number of items made with re-used materials. The ReCrearte coordinator also explained how to create these products, which included a toy bird made of a plastic bottle.

“ReCrearte is pleased to collaborate with CEDAF and Colegio New Horizons to continue and strengthen our efforts of spreading awareness about environmentalism among the Dominican Republic’s youth,” said Marte during the presentation. The student participants, aged 12 to 14, were accompanied by six teachers
from their school.

Global Expo 2017 was celebrated during April 4 and 5 at Colegio New Horizons. “The students from our institution have been working this year on projects under the theme of problem-solution. The range of topics that have been explored includes the use of unique sources of energy and ways of creating products which are less harmful to human beings, as well as finding possible solutions to social problems that we face today,” explained the directors of Colegio New

CEDAF is a not-for-profit organization which promotes sustainable development in the agricultural and forest sectors through the sharing of information, institutional innovation, political analysis and sectoral strategies. This collaboration with ReCrearte was done through CEDAF’s Programa 3Rs.

About ReCrearte
The ReCrearte program works with the most disadvantaged communities, who receive training in the art of recycling and
creating new objects from waste and simultaneously learn to develop an alternative source of income. The program revolves around the “three golden rules” (or 3Rs) for the proper management of solid waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The workshops demonstrate and emphasize the idea that recycling waste and transforming it into art and objects for daily use strengthen individuals and communities alike.

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