The Dominican Republic Has a Huge Opportunity to Grasp the NY Market – A Discussion Promoted by GFDD at NYIT, during Dominican Week 2016 in the United States

June 23, 2016

GFDD hosted the event “Innovation and Supply Chain Optimization Based on Production and Market Potentials in the Dominican Republic and the USA”, as part of Dominican Week 2016 (SEMDOMUSA), with the participation of GFDD’s partners National Supermarket Association (NSA) and the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). Within the framework of the annual initiative of AMCHAMDR, that has been supported by GFDD throughout the years, representatives
from AMCHAMDR, NSA, CONEP, and other institutions discussed the main challenge (and great opportunity) that the Dominican business community faces: increasing trade between the Dominican Republic and the United States through innovation and supply chain optimization based on production and market potentials.

The panel discussion was introduced by Yamile Eusebio, Director of GFDD New York, after the welcoming remarks offered by Roberto Herrera, president of the organizing
committee of SEMDOMUSA, and was moderated by Maria Victoria Abreu, GFDD International Affairs and Socio-economic Development Program Manager.

Panelists included Dr. Purushottam Meena, expert in Supply Chain Management from New York Institute of Technology Business School; Rodolfo Fuertes, President of National Supermarket Association (NSA); and Samuel Collado, member of NSA who shared his experience as Dominican entrepreneur.

During the event, NSA and Dominican business representatives exchanged concerns and ideas related to the competitiveness
challenges and opportunities to increase trade between the two countries. The role of national entities, such as Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana (JAD) and Centro de Exportación e Inversiones de la República Dominicana (CEI-RD), and several assessments and reports identifying main obstacles were mentioned during the discussion. These studies made throughout the years were referred to as key elements for optimizing trade opportunities. In addition, some
also argued in favor of the need to improve the notion and culture of export in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Meena gave a broad picture of supply chain optimization best practices and some recommendations on how to improve common challenges such as sourcing and relationships between buyers and sellers.

Several members of NSA, including former presidents of this organization that represents around 400 supermarkets (retailers) in the United States,
encouraged the Dominican delegation participating in SEMDOMUSA2016 to believe in the great potential and quality of Dominican products, not only through NSA but – even with their support- with other relevant distributors and retailers. NSA reinforced their interest in supporting innovative mechanisms to enhance trade relations between the Dominican Republic and the United States, including making important investments. AMCHAMDR’s SEMDOMUSA 2016 Delegation agreed that the problems
are very well known and that the next step needed is to take a stride forward in closing the gap. The Dominican business elite asked NSA to articulate exactly what are the market needs in terms of products and quantities in order to better asses Dominican producers.

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