Thirteenth Edition of “The GFDD Global Roundtable” To Discuss Demography Issues with Chief of UNFPA Population and Development Branch

January 8, 2013

The thirteenth edition of Global Foundation’s online broadcast program, “Global Roundtable,” and the first to take place in 2013, will feature a discussion with José Miguel Guzmán, Chief of the Population and Development Branch of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The upcoming program will focus on how timely and accurate data on population dynamics and trends can help global leaders to effectively address current
and future challenges impacting the Earth and the over 7 billion people that call it home.

Dominican expert in demography, Guzmán will emphasize the critical role of population dynamics in post-2015 global development strategies – upon conclusion of the 20 year Plan of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, and the 15 year framework set-forth to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Guzmán will talk about the
essential work being done by UNFPA to ensure that issues of demography influence present and future, national and international development plans.

The United Nations Population Fund is an international development agency that works to ensure equal opportunity for every woman, man and child. UNFPA services governments by aiding them in the collection of information on population dynamics and trends, through
technical assistance with tasks including censuses, surveys, demographic-based investigations and analysis.

UNPFA is a field-centered agency that has five regional and six subregional offices, which help to coordinate work in 150 countries.

Key areas of focus for UNFPA include: sexual and reproductive health, fertility, women’s empowerment, migration, ageing, climate change, urbanization and youth.

About José Miguel Guzmán
José Miguel Guzmán holds a Ph.D. in Demography from the University of Montreal. He works on a wide range of issues related to population and development, including climate change, urbanization, fertility transition, international migration, poverty natural disaster impacts and survey, census and information systems.

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