Traveling Photo Exhibit: New Perspectives: Dominican Republic opens at UN headquarters in NYC

September 22, 2010

On September 20, 2010 the United Nations North Lawn building played host to the inaugural reception of the traveling Photo Exhibit: New Perspectives: Dominican Republic, an initiative  by Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD)/Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE).   
Distinguished guests at the opening included Ambassador Federico Cuello of the Dominican Mission to the
United Nations, legendary baseball Hall of Famer Juan Marichal and his wife Alma, leaders in the Dominican Community, and members of the diplomatic and UN community.
The guests sipped on an array of chilled tropical juices, as they viewed a selection of 22 extraordinary photos depicting stunning aerial views of some of  the lesser know areas of the Dominican Republic. These portraitures of the DR landscape have been sympathetically compiled by
French photographer, and long time DR resident Anne Casale who has produced this as a tribute to the beauty of her island home.
In his keynote address, Ambassador Cuello welcomed the DR Mission””s partnership with GFDD/FUNGLODE and lauded the initiative that had offered such a different perspective to the land and so expertly highlighted the diversity of the countries natural allure.  It would certainly assist in the promotion of 
Dominican tourism, worldwide, and he proudly highlighted the significance of having the photo exhibit at the UN, especially  during the annual General Assembly. Ambassador Cuello mentioned that this would assuredly maximize exposure for the country as many "A" Listers in the world community visited the UN during this period. He also suggested the Photo Exhibit would further boost support for The Dominican Republics commitment to eco-tourism and invited other
countries to come and invest actively within the DR.
At this point the, internationally acclaimed photographer, Anne Casale, was offered the floor and rose to thank the Dominican Mission to the UN and in particular counselor Jose Blanco, and Nagy Nasr of the UN Special Events Unit, who have both been instrumental in the two year process of bringing the Dominican Republic Photo Exhibit to fruition. Ms Casale discribed her artistic motivation and stated
that she had created the Exhibit in such a way to immediately draw in the viewer to the myriad of rich, bright colors and varying terrains she had experienced and delighted in, in the DR landscape. Judging by the many  positive comments in the guest book from visitors far and wide she had struck a cord in appreciation of her work.   
Ms. Casale also talked about  how the book "New
Perspectives: Dominican Republic"– which was the brain child of  its Editor-in-Chief, Natasha Despotovic– came in to being as a result of a helicopter ride from the nation””s capital Santo Domingo to Punta Cana. As the scenery below unfurled in all it””s opulence, it became obvious that it commanded wider attention. and the resultant book was so well received that the concept of a traveling Photo Exhibit was conceived to bring the photos to a larger audience.
The Dominican Republic: New Perspectives Photo Exhibit runs until October 1. For more information, please go to
Copies of the book can be purchased online at:
or at the  UN bookshop, in the main Secretariat building, ground floor.