GFDD and FUNGLOD Hold Discussion on First US Presidential Debate

September 30, 2004

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo and Global Foundation for Democracy and Development held a joint program September 30, 2004 around the first U.S. presidential debate. Former ambassadors, historian Bernardo Vega, and political science specialist, Flavio Darío Espinal were the guest panelists in Santo Domingo. Both experts gave their first impressions the candidates made in general and the implications their positions
could have in the international arena.

The program included the participation of Peter Hakim, President of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington, DC based think tank centered in policy analysis, exchange, and communication on issues in Western Hemisphere affairs with whom GFDD has an agreement of cooperation.

His comments came via videoconference from the OAS TV studios in Washington, DC facilitated by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development office in the U.S. Mr. Hakim’s comments on the debate complemented those of the guests at the Foundation’s headquarters in Santo Domingo, where the program took place with a considerable attendance from the general public. The event was broadcast live to the whole Dominican Republic via TV.

This was another activity under the Foundation’s International Relations Program with the purpose of informing and maintaining a serious discussion around the U.S. presidential electoral process.