GFDD Launches New Design and Format for GFDD Global Roundtable Issues Blog

February 5, 2015

As we enter the year 2015, the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development celebrates the launch of a new look for its international affairs blog: the Global Roundtable Issues Blog (

With a user friendly format and a modern and elegant design, the blog reports on international affairs both at the United Nations (UN) and
elsewhere, including topics such as financing for development, international development, poverty eradication, environmental protection, climate change and gender equality. The new structure of the blog will also include information and recordings of the latest sessions of the GFDD Global Roundtables (, as well as entries by guest bloggers.

Guest bloggers will complement the weekly blog
posts authored by GFDD’s permanent staff. The guest bloggers will stem from a variety of fields, ranging from international organizations such as the UN, to academic institutions and representatives of national governments. To access the latest blog post by United Nations Development Programme guest bloggers Gail Hurley (Policy Specialist on Development Finance) and Max Riva (Policy Specialist on Innovative Finance) please click here.

For more than 4 years, the GFDD Global Roundtables have brought together some of the most pre-eminent figures on the global scene, primarily from intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations, to discuss issues of international concern, ask questions and exchange
ideas. To date, GFDD has hosted Ambassadors from the Permanent Missions to the United Nations and the OAS, from numerous countries including Moldova, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Benin, Kenya, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Palestine, Angola, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Chile, The Maldives, Paraguay, Honduras and Guatemala.

By reporting on policy matters through the Global Roundtable Issues Blog, GFDD looks to enhance the visibility and understanding of the work in the
United Nations System.  Since its creation a year ago, the readership of the blog has grown exponentially to include readers in the USA, the Dominican Republic and across the globe.

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