ReCrearte Holds Workshop and Recycled Art Exhibition as Part of APEC University’s Environmental Week

June 9, 2017

In accordance with its mission to spread awareness about environmental issues and promote environmental sustainability, the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) ReCrearte program participated in APEC University’s 2017 Environmental Week with an art exhibition and workshop led by Lucia Marte, the ReCrearte coordinator.

This year, APEC University’s Environmental Week, held in celebration of World Environment Day every
year, focused on water and marine life under the slogan “Cuatrienio de las aguas” (Four Years of Water). The week’s festivities took place at the university in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from June 5 to June 9.

Among the many events celebrating the festive week was a ReCrearte recycled art exposition. The displayed art pieces were created with different recycled materials.

The festivities also included a traditional ReCrearte workshop on the afternoon of Thursday, June 8. During this activity, Marte led 18 APEC
students between the ages of 18 and 20 in a conversation about the three R’s for the proper management of solid waste: reduce, reuse and recycle. She also facilitated a creative recycling activity in which the whole group, including a teacher from APEC, created art and useful items out of plastic bottles.

The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD)/Funglode also participated in APEC’s Environmental Week through its Dominican Republic
Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) and its Year-Round Environmental Film Screenings programs.

Between Tuesday, June 6 and Friday, June 9 DREFF and the Year-Round Environmental Film Screenings program screened four documentaries at APEC: La Casa Ausente, Frightened, Blood Lions and All the Time in the World.

About ReCrearte
The ReCrearte program
works with the most disadvantaged communities, who receive training in the art of recycling and creating new objects from waste and simultaneously learn to develop an alternative source of income. The program revolves around the “three golden rules” (or 3Rs) for the proper management of solid waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The workshops demonstrate and emphasize the idea that recycling waste and transforming it into art and objects for daily use strengthen
individuals and communities alike.

About GFDD/Funglode Year Round Environmental Film Screenings
Year Round Environmental Film Screenings offer the opportunity to educational and community centers, and businesses, governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations to enjoy the most interesting environmental screenings that have been presented in previous editions of DREFF for free.