is the web portal of the Dominican Republic, created and implemented by the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo and the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, with the purpose of presenting the country with a wealth of current information to a national and international public.

This project has been built by an international and multidisciplinary team with a vision for promoting the image of the Dominican Republic, disseminating knowledge about the country and strengthening the appreciation and respect for its heritage and values.

The site addresses students, teachers, tourists, investors, travelers, children, academics, Dominicans abroad or simply a curious person that wants to know and understand this nation, its history, geography, economy, culture and daily life.

The idea for is born from the need to fill a void in the information available on the country and to collect disparate data from various sources, often difficult to access, into the same space. Likewise, aspires to present the country with all of its facets, in a comprehensive and objective manner, adapting the information to the interactivity, agility and vitality that the Internet requires. is a living project, without limits, that will grow and increase daily, promoting the creation of an international virtual community and becoming a platform for educational and creative activities, with competitions, discussion forums, chats, blogs, etc. is the first step toward the establishment of a broader project, the Universidad Virtual Dominicana, that will soon offer online courses on relevant Dominican themes/subjects.

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