Children Learn to Create Art from Trash at the Riverfront Library in Yonkers

March 16, 2016

The Riverfront Library of Yonkers, New York, hosted Yesterday a group of 32 children who learned about creating art with discarded materials that would normally end up in the trash bin. As part of a series of workshops, organized by GFDD’s ReCrearte program, children will learn to turn trash into new objects and create recycled art at the hand of project coordinator Bertha Santana. The children, with great enthusiasm, were making bookmarks from old library flyers
and buttons.  The program will run throughout March in different locations in New York.

The creative recycling workshop was made possible with the collaboration of Marisol Mancebo, financial director of the Yonkers YMCA and Ramonita Terrero, president of the NGO, Manos Creativas. GFDD also received special support from Susan Thaler, assistant director of Yonkers Public Library and administrator of the
Riverside branch. Josefina Álvarez also helped with the coordination of various workshops underway in the Big Apple.

About ReCrearte
ReCrearte works with disadvantaged members of the community who receive training in recycled art and creating objects from trash. They also learn the “three gold rules” or the 3Rs for the proper management of solid waste: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The workshops demonstrate and underscore
the idea that recycling and turning waste into art strengthens individuals as well as communities.

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