Dominican Diaspora in the Nation’s Capital Enjoys the Film Who’s the Boss? at the Dominican Film Showcase

November 22, 2014

Among contagious laughter and before an enthusiastic audience the film Who’s the Boss?, of Dominican Director Ronni Castillo, screened on Friday, November 21, 2014 at the facilities of the Arts Museum of the Americas in Washington, D.C. The activity was part of the events that Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and its initiative Dominican Film Showcase (DFS) presented in the capital of the nation, since it opened on Wednesday, November

Yamile Eusebio, Director of GFDD office in New York, thanked the public for their support to the initiatives of GFDD-Funglode and the Dominican filmmakers participating in the DFS, which aims to continue spreading the development of film and Dominican culture inside and outside the country.

After the screening of the film the audience, was surprised with the announcement that the Director of the movie was there, to share in a Q&A session. Castillo said that in the beginning of his college career, he decided to study advertising, since there were not enough workshops for careers in cinematography in the Dominican Republic, and there were not many film training centers in the country. However, the Director said that "in recent
years the film industry in the Dominican Republic has been further strengthened with the establishment of the new Law for the Promotion of cinematography Activity No. 108-10, which has helped foster the film industry in the country consistently.” About the film, he mentioned that Pantelion Films bought the rights to the movie, in order to expand its distribution to a
wider market. Who’s the Boss?was the second highest grossing Dominican film in 2013.

"Who’s the Boss?" (¿Quién Manda?) is a Love Story Between two people who, in every relationship, are just looking for the opportunity to have fun without Complying with formal commitments beyond three months. A battle of the sexes and egos, whereanything can happen.

The DFS continues its special program on
Saturday, November 22 at 4:00 pm, where kids and adults can enjoy the animated film 3 to the Rescue of Directors Jorge Morillo and Luis Morillo. There will be a special activity for childrenand the closing night film on Sunday, November 23 at 4:00 pm, with the screening of the musical documentary Sol Caribe, by Director Felix Limardo.

GFDD-Funglode aims to show a sample of the best films recently produced in the Dominican Republic, by
Dominican filmmakers, about Dominican topics, with the intent to capture a full and positive view of the country. The purpose ofthese projections and subsequent discussion with the filmmakers provides an opportunity to align it with the creative team behind the themes and characters depicted in the movies.

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