Dominican Interns Wrap-Up OAS Experience

August 8, 2009

Four Dominican interns sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and GFDD and FUNGLODE wrapped up their stay in Washington, DC, where they  had been diligently working in different departments of the OAS over the summer months.

This innovative collaboration between GFDD, FUNGLODE, the OAS and the Ministry of Higher Education of the Dominican Republic ended satisfactorily for all involved, and brought with it a firm commitment to partner again
in the near future. Moreover, the interns’ presence at the OAS sparked interest in other member countries, like Costa Rica, to plan similar exchanges.

OAS department heads benefiting from the interns expressed their gratitude and noted that they look forward to more young Dominican professionals of this caliber.

  • Roselina Pérez worked with the Americas magazine, writing articles; she also lent a helping hand to the busy
    audiovisual section with the production of institutional videos and public service announcements. 
  • Braudin Eusebio used her solid skills as audiovisual producer for the same department and applied her graphic design knowledge to contribute to the newly revamped OAS web site.
  • Eva Hiraldo finished the digitalization of the 600 plus historical photos of the Dominican Republic for the Columbus Memorial Library. This invaluable collaboration
    will evolve into further initiatives regarding other relevant Dominican documents, maps and music, amongst other things.
  • Evelyn Almonte finished a novel proposal to gather Haitian and Dominican teachers into a training program on multiculturalism that will provide them with classroom tools and technical competency to work online and use the web for continued education.

A documentary program chronicling the interns’
professional and personal impressions during their two month internship in Washington, DC will soon be made available on this site.

GFDD and FUNGLODE will continue to engage in similar programs that contribute to the training and development of young Dominican professionals, while at the same time supporting the goals and objectives of the OAS.