GFDD and FUNGLODE Launch in English

August 24, 2007

In order to reach a broader audience, GFDD and FUNGLODE have created the English equivalent of their Spanish Portal, in Spanish was created in 2005 by GFDD and FUNGLODE with the purpose of presenting the Dominican Republic to a national and international audience. The Portal is an on-going project that
corresponds to the interests and informational needs of Dominicans in the Dominican Republic and abroad and seeks to positively contribute to the international visibility of the nation. It constitutes the first initiative to compile accurate and relevant information from and about the Dominican Republic in a single web site.
In addition to providing users access to reliable information pertaining to the Dominican Republic, the Portal
also seeks to create networks of collaboration in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and discussion concerning topics of national and international importance.
The detailed, comprehensive and interactive website contains relevant written and audiovisual material related to geography, history, economy, education, culture, environment, tourism and health. The Portal features articles on topics as diverse as: immigration, the
Dominican system of governance, environmental law, music, art, dance and sports. Video clips on historic and cultural centers of Santo Domingo, music, humpback whales, cigar manufacturing, amber jewelry production and many more exciting topics reflect areas of national cultural, environmental and economic importance.
The Portal is a constantly evolving project. New portal sections are created in response to national interests and
matters of concern. provides national and international users with relevant information concerning citizen services, accurate and up-to-date news stories, statistical data, interactive maps, directories, links to government institutions, listings of national holidays and schedules of cultural activities. Moreover, it provides users with contests, discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, e-cards, down-loadable
calendars and music videos of Dominican artists.
Portal development was directed by GFDD Executive Director and FUNGLODE Vice President, Natasha Despotovic, and implemented by ICT Manager, Semiramis de Miranda, Web Designer, Claudia Saidon, Research Assistant, Patricia Brito, and Web Assistant, Regina Sánchez.