GFDD and FUNGLODE’s Second Edition of the Dominican Film Showcase Program Attracts Wide Audience

April 17, 2013

Thought-provoking, entertaining and artfully crafted films defined this second edition of the Dominican Film Showcase Program in Washington, DC hosted by GFDD and FUNGLODE at the OAS’s Art Museum of the Americas. Over a period of four days, hundreds of avid film-goers were treated to a sampling of some of the best films produced in the Dominican Republic, by Dominican filmmakers, about Dominican topics. The chosen films were Pelotero: Ballplayer, Ana’s Struggle and King of Najayo, along with a selection of GFDD-produced, environmental short films.

Opening Night, with the screening of the film "Pelotero: Ballplayer" on Tuesday, April 9
During the opening of the Dominican Films Showcase, which was held on April 9, we were able to enjoy the movie "Pelotero:
Ballplayer" and enjoy access to one of one of its directors, Trevor Martin, together with participation of the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Organization of American States (OAS), Roberto and Mrs. Saladin. The film, which had high expectations, was received enthusiastically by the public. During the Q & A session, attendees showed their concern for the dynamics of the sport of baseball, which today ceases to be a sport, and has become more a battle of
interests. The public also expressed its appreciation at how the film presents the social and human aspects and the circumstances of the families of those who practice this sport.

Second session: "Series of shorts on environmental issues," on Wednesday, April 10
This session was dedicated to GFDD produced shorts, Pico Duarte, Lago Enriquillo (Lake
Enriquillo), and the winner of DREFF’s Globo Verde Dominicano 2012 Award, De Espaldas al Mar (Turning Our Backs to the Ocean.)

On this occasion we had the
presence of María José Bengoa, President of the Banco de Reservas Volunteer Association, and producer of the Dominican Green Globe Award "With Our Backs to the Sea," within the Second Dominican Environmental Film Festival. Accompanying María José was the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the OAS, Roberto Saladin, and his wife Bertha. The audience praised GFDD  and  FUNGLODE’s work raising awareness and their initiatives, such as the Dominican Republic
Environmental Film Festival (DREFF), which highlights environmental issues and the proposes solutions and alternatives.

Third session: "Ana’s Struggle" on Thursday, April 11
During the presentation of "Ana’s Struggle" GFDD enlisted the presence of award-winning film director, Blaidmir Abud, and actress Cheddy Garcia. Ms. Garcia triggered great enthusiasm among the public as she is a very
popular and highly regarded actress in the Dominican Republic, and internationally, primarily for her comic characters and her presence on TV. Some participants highlighted the great performance of the leading actress and thanked the director for showcasing distressing social realities which have been so far unknown in the Dominican film industry.

Closing Night, and fourth session: "The King of Najayo", Friday April 12
The film "The King of Najayo" was screened in front of a large audience and with an unbeatable atmosphere. Among the attendees were the film director, Fernando Baez, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the OAS, Roberto Saladin, and his wife Bertha, and members of the Association of Professional Dominicans and the Diplomatic Missions of the Dominican Republic and of the White House, as well as the general public. During the Q & A session the
upbeat crowd expressed an intense appreciation for the quality of the film and for its ability to try to delve into the different aspects of Dominican society that is as multifaceted and sometimes controversial.

Overall, during of the  four days of film screenings and
presentations, participants expressed their delight at this kind of initiatives which showcase the work of young Dominican filmmakers and their attempts to reflect a more realistic and more diverse society, with quality projects and proposals, which are encouraged under the new Dominican Film Law. The question and answer sessions with directors and subject specialists, allowed for GFDD to present the Dominican Republic under a constructive, positive and engaging light.

addition, GFDD’s Dominican Film Showcase, in close partnership with the Dominican Embassy to the US, Organization of American States, Art Museum of the Americas and the DR Mission to the OAS, encouraged awareness of issues of historic and cultural significance to the DR. It enabled the Seventh Art to successfully serve as a stage for dialogue, create a medium for enhancing social awareness and bring a unique brand of cinema to a wider audience.

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