Participate in the InteRDom Hot Summer Seminar Survey

December 22, 2008
The InteRDom team is currently preparing the HOT Summer Seminar offerings for the academic term Summer 2009 and would like your input!
InteRDom’s HOT Summer Seminar series is a feature of its summer academic offering, and deals
with a recent topic of great importance on both the Caribbean and international scale. These topics are usually very specific and are not found in a regular course offering of most universities.  
The series is given in conjunction with Iberoamerican University (UNIBE) and one other international
organization with specialization in the topic, and it is open to Dominican and Haitian national students as well as international students and community leaders. The seminars are from four to eight hours in length and are divided into two to four sessions over the course of a month.
InteRDom’s HOT Summer Seminars
give students the opportunity to debate current “hot” topics with community leaders and experts in the field. Please participate in the survey so that InteRDom will know which topics are of the most importance to students today.