Simple, Profound, with a Message of Hope: La familia Reyna Arrives to Washington DC Loaded with Emotion

November 4, 2016

A simple story with a deep – and inspiring – message. La familia Reyna is any family and every family. That’s why everyone (or nearly everyone) who attended last night’s screening of the film in the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) felt moved by it, in one way or another. The screening, part of GFDD’s Dominican Film Showcase, was attended by one of the protagonists, Danilo Reynoso, who is also the film’s

Reynoso shared details with the DC audience about producing and filming the feature as well as his vision of filmmaking in general: “Someone has to make movies with a message of hope. That’s why I set out to produce La familia Reyna, a story that I wanted to tell.”

The rebellious eldest son (played by David Maler) of a prosperous family from Constanza, DR, returns home and sets off a series of
events that will help to salve old grievances. The film, the debut from director Tito Rodríguez, is representing the Dominican Republic in the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards. “It’s a very universal tale; that’s why it’s easy to take it to an international audience,” Reynoso explains.

After hosting the premiere of Flor de Azúcar on November 2, the AMA was the venue for the DC premiere of La familia Reyna, which drew a varied audience that included the actress and producer Celinés Toribio, who today brings her film Los Fabulosos Ma’Mejores to the Dominican Film Showcase. Also present was Franklin García,
DC’s congressman in the House of Representatives.

About Danilo Reynoso
Actor, producter, and social communicator, Reynoso has appeared in the film and TV productions “Quiero ser fiel,” “Biodegradable,” “El Rey de Najayo,” “Yuniol,” “Mujeres Asesinas,” “Del Fondo de la noche,” “Trópico de
Sangre,” “Relatos,” “Hotel Luna,” “El Límite de la Realidad,” and the shorts “Después de todo,” “Emboscada,” “Juan 8 32,” and “Galaxia.”

He has also appeared in musicals like “El Milagro de Fátima,” “Violinista en el Tejado,” and “High School Musical, On Stage,”
“Peter Pan,” “Jesucristo Superstar,” and “Canción de Navidad,” as well as theater productions like “Socorro, Soy Mujer,” “Réquiem por un Girasol,” “Confesiones del Pene,” “Espigas Maduras,” and “Memorias de Abril.”

His most recent productions include "Yo soy la Salsa" and "Flor de

About the Dominican Film Showcase
The Dominican Film Showcase aims to facilitate the enrichment of the film culture of the Dominican Republic and bring its unique brand of cinema to a wider audience. The Showcase presents, shares, and celebrates the stories, characters and history of the Dominican Republic with an international audience. It also contributes to the dissemination of the best contemporary films produced in
the Dominican Republic, by Dominican filmmakers, about Dominican topics. In its mission to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Dominican culture as well as to inspire the enrichment of the film culture of the Dominican Republic and bring its unique brand of cinema to a wider audience, GFDD partners with institutions worldwide and creates opportunities for wide audiences to enjoy art, learn about Dominican culture, and engage in conversations with filmmakers.