GFDD Short Productions

  • Value of Life

    Historically, little value is placed on natural capital when looking at growth equations and socioeconomic development. It is difficult for big businesses, and more so for ordinary people, to quantify the significance of natural resources and make the value of nature tangible in our daily lives. The new Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) […]

  • Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience

    The Dominican Republic has more than 340 open-air landfills without any type of management or control, which have become highly-concentrated areas of air and water pollution. They are an unseen danger for every Dominican. Fortunately, the country is witnessing cultural changes which are creating initiatives that convert this “problem” into an opportunity for development. The […]

  • Salga el Mal y entre el bien, Liborio Mateo, la historia

    Liborio Mateo Ledesma marked the social, political and religious history of San Juan de la Maguana in the twentieth century. More than a leader, he was considered by many a religious figure, from which Liborismo emerged. Was he a healer or a fighter? A hundred years later remains a controversy for sanjuaneros and Dominicans alike.

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